Mr Kieren Darcy began his career as a general surgeon before moving to Ophthamology in 2007. His ongoing career as a professional Consultant Eye Surgeon has led to his role as the Head of Corneal and Refractive Surgery at the internationally respected Bristol Eye Hospital. In 2019, Mr Kieren Darcy founded Vision Care Clinic and was soon joined by his colleague from Bristol Eye Hospital, Mr Sidath Liyanage

With patient safety and life-changing outcomes at the forefront of Vision Care Clinic, Mr Kieren Darcy and Mr Sidath Liyanage will ensure a comfortable, informed treatment plan bespoke to your requirements. If you are looking for freedom without glasses or wish to treat weakened vision due to a therapeutic condition, Vision Care Clinic utilise industry-leading diagnostic technology to provide a personal treatment plan to improve your vision impairment. 

“I always want to provide the very best quality of care and clinical results for my patients, considering the patient as a whole. I realised that in order to do this, I would need the freedom to set up my preferred clinical investigation pathway and invest in the latest equipment to ensure thorough diagnosis and the most advanced treatments”. Kieren explains.

“Ophthalmology is always evolving, and we keep up to date of these developments, by working closely with our peers, industry suppliers and attending ophthalmic events.”

Sid continues, “As well as advanced medicine, we also want to ensure our patients have a great personal experience.  From the first call to their final discharge; our team of like-minded individuals are committed to going the extra mile for our patients.”  

“The majority of patients visiting us at Vision Care Clinic are referred by either other ophthalmologists, regional opticians or by our own patients.  It’s reassuring and serves as a quiet reinforcement that our desired, high standards are being reached.  In fact, we have also noticed a large proportion of our patients work in medicine; from doctors, opticians, dentists, anaesthetists and the list continues.”

Vision Care Clinic offers treatment plans to correct weakened vision, for a wide range of eye conditions and many complex ophthalmic cases. From common conditions such as myopia (short-sight) and hyperopia (long-sight) to complex conditions such as keratoconus and Fuch’s dystrophy, Vision Care Clinic offers life-changing procedures, surgeries, and treatments to improve your vision and quality of life. 

Vision Care Clinic is based within Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital in Clifton, Bristol. With patient wellbeing as the team’s main priority, our clients will experience a consultant-client relationship from initial consultation, through to the end of treatment to ensure comfort, trust, and confidence within our clients. Vision Care Clinic has also been independently registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) since 2020.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your ophthalmic challenges and vision needs, one of the Vision Care Clinic team will be happy to help.

Sid and Kieren consulting
Vision Care Clinic Examination
Kieren Darcy
Sidath Liyanage