Astigmatism causes a ghosted image and blurring of the vision. It is caused by the cornea and/or the natural lens inside the eye having a different curvature in their vertical and horizontal axes, rather like the shape of a rugby ball. The different curved axes create two separate focus points, with either one or neither focusing on the retina.

This causes distorted images with blurred or ghosted vision at all distances.

Astigmatism is often also combined with myopia or hyperopia.


As astigmatism is usually combined with myopia or hyperopia, it is very important to undergo a detailed eye examination to determine which procedure is more suitable for you. At Vision Care Clinic we are proud to offer a range of procedures and will recommend the best option.

Astigmatism is easily diagnosed and simply treated. Possible treatments for astigmatism are contact lenses and glasses. Where this is not possible, or desired, other treatments include: