Disruption to the corneal epithelium, the very front surface of eye, can be caused by several different issues.

Treatments can be carried out by our consultants either manually or with one of our lasers.


Which corneal conditions can be treated?

There are numerous corneal conditions which we can treat, including:

  • Corneal scars
  • Epithelial erosion
  • Band keratopathy

What are the symptoms of corneal irregularities?

Symptoms can vary from sore, gritty eyes to clouding or scarring on the front of the cornea. This can affect the vision quality.

What does treatment involve?

Re-surfacing treatments can either be performed manually or using a laser to remove the affected area of the cornea.

These are performed as outpatient procedures, with numbing eye drops and take around 15 minutes.  

Once treated, a bandaged contact lens is applied to the front of the eye to assist with comfort and healing.