ICLs or implantable contact lenses work like permanent contact lenses that sit just behind the iris, the coloured part of the eye. They can’t be felt and are invisible to the naked eye.

At Vision Care Clinic, we use Staar EVO ICLs (implantable collamer lenses) offering a permanent correction to glasses and traditional contact lenses, for a very wide range of prescriptions.


What is an ICL?

An implantable contact lens is a tiny device specially designed to permanently remain in place, correcting shortsight, longsight and astigmatism.

Results are almost instantly achieved, without discomfort, resulting in clear, natural vision, 24 hours a day. Once in position, the ICL is unnoticeable to the patient or the naked eye.

Who are ICLs for?

ICLs are recommended if you are:

  • Dependent on glasses or contact lenses
  • Older than 21 years old and have a stable prescription
  • High refractive error
  • Thin or limited amount of corneal tissue
  • Or you want a removable/reversible solution

All methods of vision correction surgery require a detailed eye examination to determine a candidates suitability.

You and your doctor can choose the best option to suit your needs.

How is an ICL procedure performed?

ICL surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in a sterile environment in three steps, typically taking less than 30 minutes:

  1. Numbing the eye: anaesthetic drops are given to numb the eye, and the pupil is dilated.
  2. Opening created: a small opening enables the doctor to access the eye.
  3. Implant the ICL: the ICL is gently implanted and positioned behind the iris.

Why is ICL a good option?

ICL’s are recommended for patients with high prescriptions and often as an alternative to laser eye surgery.






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