At Vision Care Clinic, our premium intraocular lens (IOL) procedure use multifocal lens implants for complete freedom of vision. This includes toric correction for astigmatism.

These lenses are designed to achieve a combination of intermediate, near and distance vision and dramatically reduce or, for many patients, eliminate the need for any glasses, at any distance.  

These implants are chosen to suit your daily activities such as driving, reading, screen time, leisure activities and most day to day tasks.

Patients also enjoy freedom multiple pairs of glasses, getting to grips with varifocals and the chore of putting your reading glasses on and off.

In the event we have been unable to achieve the agreed target vision, our consultant may suggest a further refractive laser eye procedure to enhance the results and this is provided at no extra charge.

Before recommending the ideal lenses our surgeons will carefully evaluate your individual clinical needs, during a thorough consultation which includes the latest diagnostic equipment and by understanding your lifestyle and aspirations.