Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery at Vision Care Clinic

One of the most significant benefits of laser eye surgery is the freedom and convenience it provides, from the limitations and frustrations of glasses or contact lenses. Once the surgery is complete, many patients experience an immediate, significant improvement in their vision, enabling them to perform everyday activities, such as swimming, exercising, or driving, with greater ease and comfort. Furthermore, laser eye surgery has a high success rate, minimal recovery time, and long-lasting results. Laser eye surgery is a long-term investment in your eyes and leads to significant financial savings over time on glasses and contact lenses. With the added benefit of positively impacting day-to-day life and for many, increased self-confidence.

State of The Art Laser Eye Procedures

Laser eye surgery is a state of the art, medical procedure that has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Laser eye surgery, also known as refractive surgery or laser vision correction, refers to a range of specialist ophthalmic, laser procedures to correct shortsight, longsight, astigmatism and presbyopia. All of these procedures are very safe and highly effective, offering individuals permanent freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

Vision Care Clinic is a leading provider in the field of eye care, offering the complete,  comprehensive range of laser eye surgery options currently available. Our specialist trained, award-winning doctors, precisely perform these laser eye treatment techniques, using either one or two different specialist, ophthalmic lasers, depending on the type of laser eye procedure recommended by the consultant . They will identify and advise which procedure best suits an individual clinically, further to extensive clinical scanning, examinations and by discussing your personal lifestyle needs and aspirations for your vision.

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Highly Successful Laser Eye Surgery

While laser eye surgery has proven to be highly successful for many individuals, it is important to note that it may not be suitable for everyone. If you are not an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery, typically alternative lens based treatments options are available with our consultants at Vision Care Clinic. These options are better suited for some patients either due to clinical consideration, patients expectations, needs and age.

For patient understanding we categorise our laser vision correction, into three different methods; however, these can still be confusing, when researching vision solutions due to the various branded names associated with them. We aim to be clear, to help you understand and decide on the best method to suit your eyes and situation. Our laser eye surgery techniques are LASIK, Lenticule Extraction and Surface laser, all are available at one single, clear price, so you don’t have to worry about the cost when deciding about your vision. Allow our experts to guide you using their training and years of experience.

Your Laser Eye Treatment

We prioritise your safety and our consultations are always incredibly thorough, using our advanced diagnostic equipment to check, and check again, safety and efficacy at every step of your diagnosis, treatment and care. Your eyes are important; we will ensure you get the best treatment possible.

Laser Eye Surgery Procedures

Lenticular Extraction

Lenticular extraction is the latest proven laser eye surgery method available, with millions of procedures already performed globally. The correction is delivered, slightly lower in the cornea, with very little affect on the surface of the eye so patients enjoy rapid visual results and overall recovery.
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LASIK laser eye surgery is performed in two steps and offers fast visual recovery. Tens of millions of patients have benefitted from this successful and well established procedure for well over 20 years.
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Surface Laser

The original laser eye surgery technique, continues to be used as the safest and most effective treatment option for a variety patients. It has evolved considerably over the past 30 years and continues to provide excellent, stable, results.
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Presbyopic Laser

For patients, typically over 40, new methods are available to correct the need for reading and varifocal glasses and contact lenses. This can be performed in combination with vision correction for all distances and offers excellent living vision.
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Laser Eye Surgery Cost

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