The increasing reliance on reading glasses over the age of 40 can cause real frustration, even in those who have worn glasses or contact lenses previously. The age related changes in the eyes internal, natural lens decreases the possible range of focus, increasing the requirement for glasses or contact lenses.

This age-related effect is a real inconvenience to an individual’s day to day life. Vision Care Clinic offers multiple vision correction options, including laser eye treatments.


What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is the natural ageing process of the eye, and this progressive condition typically starts from the mid 40s onwards.

The natural lens in the eye becomes less flexible and loses its ability to change focus, typically affecting near tasks. This makes close objects more difficult to see, so you have to hold them further and further away until reading or varifocal glasses are needed, or if you are shortsighted, glasses may be removed.

What are the common complaints from patients with presbyopia?

  • Progressive dependence on glasses and worsening near vision
  • Frustration with the constant “on and off” of glasses while performing simple day-to-day activities
  • Looking and feeling older with reading glasses
  • Need for additional lighting to see
  • Experiencing tired eyes and headaches

How is laser treatment for presbyopia performed?

There are numerous vision correction options available for patients with presbyopia. When considering laser treatment, the two main types of laser correction to achieve younger vision are:

Monovision – to achieve monovision, one of the proven laser techniques (lenticular extraction, LASIK or surface treatment) is used to correct an individual’s dominant eye for distance vision and the other eye for near vision. Around 65% of the population can neural-adapt to blend the different images, resulting in a really good quality of vision at a range of distances. Some individuals already benefit from monovision, achieving this with contact lenses.

Presbyopic Laser – customised laser treatment is calculated using our specialist scanning equipment and applied to the cornea using the LASIK technique. This adds something called depth of field to a patient’s vision, enabling them to reduce their glasses dependence at all distances. This method also requires a period of neural adaption; however, the specialist laser profile helps it be accepted by a greater proportion of individuals compared to monovision.

Your consultant will discuss and test for the appropriate option for you.

Which vision correction treatment should I choose for presbyopia?

When considering the best option, your consultant will take into consideration:

  • any other refractive issues, such as short-sight, long-sight and astigmatism
  • the way you currently correct any of these vision issues
  • the overall health of your eye
  • the level of your current near vision
  • individual vision needs, dependent upon your lifestyle

When considering vision correction, you will need a detailed eye examination. This will ensure your suitability and advise the most appropriate option.

Who can benefit from laser treatment for presbyopia?

The good news is that presbyopia can be corrected, whether or not you have worn glasses throughout your life. At Vision Care Clinic, we offer personalised presbyopia procedures to better suit your lifestyle, including both laser and lens procedures.

Presbyopic laser eye surgery is recommended for:

  • Patients from 45 years old
  • Short-sight, long-sight, astigmatism or just needing reading glasses
  • Otherwise healthy eyes

Why choose Vision Care Clinic for your presbyopia treatment?



Quick and simple to perform



Preserves the inner structure of the eye



Customised to suit your vision needs