Nancie Edwards embarked on her Optometry career in 2014, in her beloved hometown, at Cardiff University. It was there that she laid the foundation of her expertise, undergoing rigorous pre-registration and subsequent training at respected local high-street opticians. Throughout her professional growth as an optometrist, Nancie’s commitment to excellence led her to pursue additional professional qualifications.

In 2019, Nancie’s dedication, was awarded with her Professional Certificate in Glaucoma and in 2021, achieved another milestone by earning a Professional Certificate in Medical Retina. These achievements equipped Nancie with the expertise to provide specialised care for patients with complex eye conditions.

Building on her skills, Nancie began her journey into refractive optometry within a nationally recognised laser vision and surgery practice. Here, she delved into advanced techniques and provided consultations on alternative solutions for patients seeking liberation from glasses and contact lenses. She has become well-versed in the intricacies of laser vision correction and refractive surgical procedures, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their vision.

Nancie recognises the importance of ongoing professional development and ventured to Glasgow University to successfully complete her Independent Prescribing course. With her final exam scheduled, Nancie remains committed to expanding her capabilities further, enabling her to play a more comprehensive role in guiding patients through their pre- and post-operative phases.

Beyond her life at Vision Care Clinic, Nancie lives a busy life outside of work. Her love for animals manifests itself in her cherished horses and beloved pets back home in Wales. Eager to make a positive impact, Nancie dedicates her time as a volunteer for a distinguished disabled charity based in Surrey. By actively participating in adventure weeks for adults with a wide range of disabilities, Nancie strives to bring joy and support to those in need. As a true Welsh rugby supporter, Nancie also loves supporting her nation’s beloved sport and keeps active herself with regular trips to the gym.

With Nancie Edwards’ expertise and genuine care, she is committed to delivering exceptional eye care experiences for each and every patient she encounters. Book your comprehensive consultation at Vision Care Clinic, Bristol’s leading private eye clinic today on 0117 905 7722.

Nancie Edwards | Specialist Optometrist | Vision Care Clinic